Free Software With a Passion.

Our mission:

Giving you free software. Where free does not stand for 'free as in free beer' but for 'free as in free speach'.
We believe that software have to come with the next freedoms:
0) Freedom to run the program.
1) Freedom to copy & distribute the program.
2) Freedom to modify the program.
3) Freedom to distribute your modified version of the program.

For getting at that goal we license al our software under the GNU General Public Licence (version 2 (or at your option any newer version)).

Kamiware BashBack

Kamiware BashBack is an Backup script that works on both Linux and Mac OS X (and should be easy portable to any Posix compliant OS).
It supports:
* Full and incremental backups
* Backup to share or FTP
* Minimum traffic usage
* Easy to chose folders to backup and patterns to exclude.

Kamiware BashPodder

Kamiware Bashpodder is a Podcatcher based on BashPodder from Linc Fessenden but with many features added. Even features who are in no other Podcatcher available.
Kamiware BashPodder is avriable on http://kamiware.org/kbp/

The creation of this site & our software is completely done of Free Software.
This document is released under the GNU Free Documentation License