Kamiware BashPodder

Kamiware BashPodder (KBP) is a Podcast client in BASH based on BashPodder but with many functions added. Even functions no other podcast client has. Such as prioritising Podcasts, automatic Re-encoding MP3's (or other files to mp3).
Kamiware BaspPodder runs on every operating system that supports BASH.
So it runs on Linux, Mac OSX & all other Unixes but it doesn't run on Windows.


Version 0.5: 2006 Sept 19


To use Kamiware BashPodder (short: KBP) you download the newest release. Then you just have to extract the archive and put all the files in a chosen directory. (You have to keep the directory structure as it is in the tar.) The 'best' way to use KBP is on the command line. So you can put parameters after the scripts you start. But you can also start the script with double clicking on it.
KBP will make for every Podcast a directory and will put in that directory 3 subdirectorys. The principe is that you have The main directory where KBP puts the episodes. And you have a subdirectory for episodes you saw, 1 for episodes who are to old & one for episodes who are in your current playlist or MP3-player. Moving between the directory's is possible with kmove.sh.
KBP has the next structure:
File or Folder Function
inc Folder where the needed includes for KBP are stored in.
inc/lang Folder where the needed language files for KBP are stored in.
If you want to use a translation you have to put in in this folder.
If you want to create a translation you need to work in this folder. Please Chose a good prefix for you language en use it in front of every file (as the current languages are).
inc/options.sh In this file all the default options are stored. Its important to change this to your needs.
kbp.sh This is the main script. This download the episodes of the podcasts.
kbp.conf This is the configuration file for kbp.sh. Here you put in witch podcasts you want.
podcast.log In this file all the already downloaded episodes are stored. So kbp.sh knows they are already downloaded.
kbp.lock This file only appears wen kbp is running or some other script is editing podcast.log. This means that no other script may edit podcast.log at that time (other way the logfile can become corrupted).
kcheck.sh This does a check to see what there is all in the KBP direcotory and will give some statistics about it.
kcompress.sh This script trays to compress anything to an MP3 of the chosen compression.
kclean.sh This will clean up double created files by kcompress.sh. Since kcompress.sh does itself that job this is not needed anymore.
The script is still there becose it can clean up the podcast.log file (use this function careful).
kget.sh This script download 1 URL if it wasn't in the podcast.log file and add it in the logfile.
kmove.sh This script moves files from one subdirectory to an other.
kold.sh Move all files from the old & viewed directorys to a archival directory.
krun.sh Automatically run multiple scripts one after the other.
kstat.sh Shows some stats about KBP. Is still really primitive.
license.txt The GNU GPL. You have to accept these freedoms if you want to run KBP.
todo.txt Things I still want to do with KBP.