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Kamiware BashPodder

Documentation: kbp.sh

./kbp.sh is the program witch downloads the episodes of podcasts.

./kbp.sh [options]

You can manage your podcasts with kbp.conf
Use --conf parameter for more information about this.

You can use the following commando's for altered options:
 -b {i | d}     back issues (Downloads that aren't finished because of
                the -m switch) - In combination with the -m function:
                i = ignore: ingore the episodes.
                d = delete: add them in podcast.log so they will
                never been downloaded.
 -c filename    use 'filename' as configuration file.
 -f             Force to work. Even when the lockfile is present.
                ATTENTION: Use this only when KBP is the time before
                stopped with working or when you know what you are
 -k             Continue working even when the harddisk is almost full.
                ATTENTION: A full harddisk can damage your system.
 -m max         With this you chose the maximal number of episodes
                for each Podcast.
 -p prioriteit  Chose the maximal priority. (This goes in combination
                with kbp.conf.)
                0 = only the most important
                9 = everything
 -s speed       With this you chose the maximal download speed.

The next special parameters can be used:
      This parameters can't be used in combination with
      other parameters
 -d  show defaults.
 -h  show help information (and more parameters).
 -i  show information about hte programmers.
 -l  show the license information.