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Kamiware BashPodder

Documentation: kcheck.sh

./kcheck.sh tels you witch and how many files are there
and in witch category's they are.

./kcheck.sh [params]

For details about certain types you can use the next
 -t  Files you still have to listen.
 -T  Files who still have to be compressed.
 -b  Double files.
 -p  Files in your playlist / MP3-player
 -d  Compressed files
 -o  Not MP3 files
 -v  Viewed files
 -a  Show all details

The next special parameters can be used:
      This parameters can't be used in combination with
      other parameters
 -d  show defaults.
 -h  show help information (and more parameters).
 -i  show information about hte programmers.
 -l  show the license information.