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Kamiware BashPodder

Documentation: kbp.conf

./kbp.sh is the program witch downloads the episodes of podcasts.	
You can manage your podcasts with kbp.conf	
A line of comment starts with ;	
A line that starts with # shows a new part.	
   kbp will show a blank line and then the comment thats written behind the #.	
You have to add 1 line in the configuration file per Podcast. You have to use the following syntax:	
priority :   priority of 0 - 9 (0 = important)	
name :       The name of the Podcast. Spaces and special	
             symbols shouldn't be used. The @-symbol and	
             special symbols that can't be used in foldernames 	
             are forbidden.	
             This name will be used as folder where the	
             podcasts are saved.	
             / is used to create subfolders.
url :        The full url to the RSS feed. This can be
             a http or ftp address.